Cirencester Emporium and CELTIC

Cirencester Emporium has been set up to fund the CELTIC Project 
Tacking Mental Health in Teenagers in The Cirencester and surrounding areas 
Cirencester Emporium Leading Teenagers In Crisis
Our aims for the future to provide a local anonymous Helpline/Text line manned by 2 part time counsellors 4pm until midnight every day for the cirencester and surrounding area
Enabling teenagers to talk about their problems however small and help resolve their conflicts and issues with support from trained professionals.
Helping tackle mental health in adults by 
Enabling people who are unable to work continually, including those with anxiety or ill heath to gain confidence with volunteering opportunities with CELTIC
To encourage adolescents and adults, including those who may suffer with their mental health to use their creative skills to make and sell items through our outlet.

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Why Cirencester Emporium

Cirencester Emporium bringing  local sellers and customers together

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