Why Cirencester Emporium

Why Cirencester Emporium ?

People like to shop on the internet in the comfort of their own home,

however, find themselves returning items or forgetting to return them.

People (women mostly) have many items their wardrobe that they have worn once

or still have the tags on but will never wear (myself included)

People have items they want to put up for sale on social media or eBay

but actually never get around to it.

Cirencester has many empty shops and inadequate parking and very few small retail units.

Consumers like out of town places where they can park for free, making town centre shopping difficult 

Facebook selling sites get overloaded with items finding if difficult to find items

Many people in cirencester do not know the wonderful small businesses that are we have here.


Cirencester Emporium is the start to

bring local sellers and customers together

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